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Directions:  You have 15 minutes (have someone put a timer on for you) and go through your house to find any or all of the following things.  When your timer goes off, have someone take a video of you with the items or a picture and send it to Pastor Sue.  St. John’s Sunday school children can receive a prize for participating!  But you must notify Pastor by Memorial Day!  Have fun!

  1. Something made of wood (metal was expensive in Jesus’ time)
  2. A Bible
  3. A cup (like used at the Last Supper)
  4. A stuffed animal (that maybe was on the ark)
  5. A cross
  6. A picture of you (God loves you)
  7. Sandals (maybe Jesus wore them)
  8. A book about animals (God’s creatures)
  9. Something God made
  10. A washcloth (the disciples washed each other’s feet)
  11. Salt (remember the woman changed to salt?)
  12. Something from the ocean (not Jonah’s whale)
  13. A rock (maybe from Daniel in the lion’s den)
  14. Something red (the color representing the Holy Spirit)
  15. A bag to carry things in (Jesus didn’t have a suitcase)
  16. A warm blanket
  17. A flashlight or candle (Jesus is the light of the world)
  18. Anything that reminds you of Sunday school
  19. One leaf (the bird brought a leaf to Noah)
  20. A piece of bread (used in communion)

Bonus points:    Something from your baptism

                           Pastor Sue’s favorite candy that is in the bubble gum machine in her office!

Click on the link below to get the chapel picture with many symbols to color:

Chapel picture to color

What are the children doing at home?  Send us your pictures and we will post them here:


It says “I love God in my heart, I love God because He loves me, I love him back.”

Jordyn wanted everyone to know she was reusing a box.  It says, “God Loves Us”


Since Sunday school is suspended, we recommend checking out this web site:

for some interesting stories from the Bible!


Also, highly recommended by Alison Cressman is Veggie Tales on YouTube!

We also suggest looking for the Bible App for kids.  It is in cartoon form and after listening to each story, there is an activity.  For example, one activity is coloring   another one had pictures to put in order.  After reading and answering a question, your child gets an “award”.