What to expect

Is my child welcome in worship?

Of course!  We believe that children are part of our worship life.  However, we also understand that many children can feel left out.  Activity bags are available in the hallway.  The Children’s Chat is a special time in worship where children come up to hear a message just for them.  Also, the nursery is staffed after each children’s chat until the end of the service (children 5 and under).

What should I wear?

Come as you are.  Some of our parishioners wear a suit, others wear jeans and a t-shirt.  We don’t care what you’re wearing – we’re just happy you’re here!

Do I have to bring money?

Simply put, no.  We have a collection during worship (the lights don’t stay on by themselves!), but no one is required to give.  Especially as a visitor, don’t feel pressured.

Am I welcome to communion?

Believing that Jesus Christ is present in the bread and wine of communion and confessing that he is the host of this meal, all are welcome to the table.  For those unable to consume either bread or wine, the Church affirms the Lord’s full presence in each element alone (although gluten-free wafers and grape juice are available).