The Gallery at St. John’s

The Gallery at St. John’s presents


Mary Iacovone Beverly Murbach-Erhardt

 Marya Earl Stocker

Art for your Appreciation and Purchase

SEPTEMBER 10 through OCTOBER 29, 2017

Sundays only 12:00 to 3:00 pm

Weekdays by Appointment

Sunday, September 10

OPENING RECEPTION 12:00 – 3:00 pm

ARTISTS’ TALKS at 12:30 pm


The Gallery at St. John’s is pleased to exhibit the work of four local artists during September and October.

Mary Iacovone creates mosaics – a decorative form of art made from small pieces of colored glass, stones or other material. She teaches this art form to young people and adults in her studio and also serves as president of the Art Community of Easton.

Beverly Murbach-Erhardt is an award winning watercolorist and acrylic artist. She continues to experiment with various techniques and mediums to produce art that is not bound by traditional methods.

Marya is a painter, performance artist and filmmaker. After becoming interested in ethnology, she “lives the art” in the films she creates and narrates as she seeks the sacred buried within the profane world.

Earl Stocker is a freelance artist whose work covers a wide scope of subjects and mediums. He has been creating art in one form or another for most of his life. It is his desire that viewers will be touched by his work as they see the world through his eyes.

You can view more of their artwork by visiting their 2nd floor studios at 22 South Third Street in Easton.

The gallery is free ● All are welcome ● Free parking